“Fred is one of the top buyers of camera equipment that I have ever met.  His strong background in vintage cameras and lenses combined gets clients top dollar for their photographic equipment.  I Highly recommend him for buying items.”   - Gino Creglia Photography (Photosbyg.com)

“It has been Great doing Business with you.. It is Nice to know there are Still Honest, Knowledgeable,  Honorable, Experienced  Friendly and Extremely Professional  People like you in business!!! Thank you  for your Time, Fair Price  and Patience! “  - Sandy Register Photography (Sandyregister.com)

“Fantastic experience. I did not realize that this old stuff was still worth so much. Highly recommended. “ - Ed G.

“Thank you so much for buying my old (and outdated) film equipment. It surprised me that it still had this kind of value still. This allowed for me to buy my new Canon digital and still have some money left over.” - Robert H.

“Great experience and wow, you know your stuff!!!” - Bill K.

“Truly they are experts in photographic items. Even the smallest widget was able to be identified.” - Carol L.

Very smooth transaction, very nice person!” - Stewart Martin

“Great communication. A pleasure to do business with.” - LS.

“Thank you for saving me the hassle of doing an online auction. - Good deal. Will see you again soon.” - Sharon D.

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