FAQ about CameraPast.com

Thank you for looking into selling your photographic items with us. Below are some frequently asked questions about CameraPast.com

1. Are you a retail Camera Store?
No, we are not a retail store. We are true camera buyers and professional photographers that appreciate photographic items as collectors and consumers. We have been buying cameras since 2001. Originally we began buying used photographic equipment as a means to keep our investment low as we entered the photography industry. With time we began selling some of our “inventory” when we no longer were using the items or as a way to upgrade our own working tools. Many local professional photographers were doing the same thing but found the experience of cleaning up their equipment, posting it for sale, following up with buyer (and any potential hassles with the transaction) to be a huge let down. We became the go-to place for many busy professionals to sell their used equipment with no hassles. Along the way we developed a passion for sub-miniature and spy cameras in addition to many great looking quality vintage cameras. Our own collection had begun. When our shelves were full of gems (cameras, lenses, light meters, you name it) that started to spill over into additional rooms and our photography studio it was clear we needed to thin down our own collection. This is, in a nut shell, how our buying and selling days began.

2. Why should I sell to you when I can just sell it myself?
The biggest reasons are to save your valuable time and sanity and get you a fair price. If you have ever sold something before you know there is usually much more to it than simply handing off the item in exchange for cash. Typically you need to create awareness of what you have for sale. Today that might mean a garage sale, newspaper ad, online listing or online auction. That means taking clear pictures and writing descriptions (what do you charge and what is the best way to describe it?) and then hopefully getting responses to your ad. That means phone calls and emails and answering the same questions again and again. Hopefully that means people wanting to see your item. That means people coming to your home or meeting you somewhere public. Between making the schedule and letting strangers into your home you still have not sold your item. And that is just when you are selling locally. What about long distance transactions? Are you really prepared to do a sale long distance? This requires a greater degree of pictures and description and communication and ultimately shipping the item. When the item is shipped it requires careful packaging and insurance - both extra expenses. Once you do manage to work out the sales agreement how do you know you won’t hear back from them again with additional concerns about the item they purchased?

When you sell to us, you cut out everything between “here is my item” and “here is your offer”. We assume all the responsibility for correctly determining your items value to us and the potential work and risk in reselling it. We know to look for sticky apertures, lens fungus on the inner elements, soft foam mounting in vintage cameras and how to assess their repair or how to correctly and fairly describe those things when the item is for sale.

3. What items are you looking to buy?
We are looking to buy many type of cameras including Modern and Vintage cameras, lenses and accessories;

• Film Cameras: 35mm cameras, Rangefinder, bellows type, Twin lens cameras, SLR cameras, Medium format cameras, large format cameras, Ultra Large format Subminiature spy type cameras and much more.

• Digital Cameras: SLR and Dslr cameras.

• Movie Cameras: Various super 8mm, 16mm & 35mm motion picture film cameras and lenses.

• Lenses: C-Mount, 16mm, 35mm, Medium Format, Large Format and more.

• Studio Items: Strobes, SoftBoxes, Backgrounds, Light Stands, Tripods, Tripod Heads, Flash Brackets, Radio Remotes and more.

4. What items are you NOT looking to buy?
Sorry but we are not looking to buy most digital point and shoot cameras or video cameras (Please don’t confuse video cameras with motion picture film cameras.) As a rule, if someone has used the video camera you have in mind at any school performance/dance recital/vacation in the last 25 years we most likely are not interested. If you would like further clarification we are more than happy to talk with you about it.

5. Do the cameras and lenses need to work for you to buy them? Do I need to know what the “stuff” is?
No. Many cameras and lenses may be used for repair parts, display collectibles and other additional uses and do not need to operate correctly or function at all. While it is helpful for you to provide us with as much information and pictures as you know and have, we are happy to work with you. Often we can determine many things about your item or collection with a few simple questions. As we are skilled in evaluating photographic items and have a wealth of knowledge of the parts, pieces and “widgets”, we are happy to evaluate the items in person.

6. Do you buy studios, estates and large collections?
Yes, We are looking to buy individual items or large collections! No collection is too small or too large.

7. How do I find out how much you are willing to pay for my item(s)?
We provide free no obligation offers to buy your used equipment. This is an offer based upon what your item is worth to us and not a true estimate or appraisal of value. There are many nuances to determining the worth of your specific item(s). Just a few of the factors that we consider are the condition, popularity and rarity. Many clients have been surprised when we have been prepared to offer them top dollar for a non-working lens or very low for a Kodak Brownie Box. The non-working lens may be of higher value because of the individual components and the Kodak Brownie Box may be one of multi-thousands of super common series cameras from the 1960’s. Subtle differences between same series camera bodies can create a very different value. Because of the internet (and specifically on line auction sites) it is easy to become confused when researching items because of a simple variation such as colors or markings. Additionally, geography has a strong influence on value. We have buyers internationally beyond on line auction sites and we know what they are looking for. When you sell to us you can generally expect about 60-65+% of what fair market trade is. We assume all the responsibility for correctly determining your items value to us and the potential work and risk in reselling it.

Please feel free to contact us online:

1. Use our “Contact Us” page and let us know a bit about what you wish to sell. It is very helpful if you can let us know any camera model(s), lens(es) and any major accessories that you might have. Pictures of the item(s) are very helpful to better give us an idea of what you have.
2. Feel free to call us directly to set up a personal evaluation.

8. I do not live in the Sacramento area - will you still buy my equipment?
The easy answer is Yes. We buy cameras and items from all around the world. Here is how it works:
a. Please contact us with the item(s) that you are looking to sell using our online contact form.
b. We will give you a pre-evaluated estimate range on the item(s) by email.
c. Upon our mutual approval, pack your items and we will pay to have it shipped to us.
d. We will further evaluate the condition of the item(s) and mail you a check once we have reached an agreement.

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